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Here is a little of my background, I hope that you find it helpful. But what is important isn't my journey, but the journey that you are on. If you think that yoga could be helpful for you then I'd love to hear from you: alysha@sadyoga.com

I used to struggle with depression and anxiety, and I tried a bunch of things: psychologists, pills, friends, coffee. It wasn’t until I realised that the mind and the body are not separate things but one thing, that I found a way forward.

I found that by changing the way that I used my body I could change the way I felt, and stop falling into negative spirals that I couldn’t escape from.

When I look back at photos of myself I was that crushed-in C shape that you might even be sitting in now. I always felt like crap. When I was around my friends I put on a front that everything was okay, and then afterwards I felt worse because then I felt like I was a faker as well as depressed.

I read a book about the body and how it could effect your emotional life, it was written by an Alexander Technique teacher. It instantly clicked with me. “Yeah, I’m not two parts, I’m one whole. If I can learn how to move differently I can learn how to feel better”

I started Alexander lessons, three years later I qualified as a teacher.  In that time I got into yoga, recognising that it was a way to practice ‘being’ without having the pressure of ‘doing’. Another two years and I qualified at the 1,400 hour level as a yoga teacher.

I combine yoga and Alexander Technique so that you can experience what literally took me years to find.

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