The Science of Why Yoga Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Learn what science is discovering about how yoga helps with anxiety and depression. If you still have questions you can always email me:

Reduces the fight/flight response

Yoga has been shown to reduce the hyper-alertness that causes people to fall into fight/flight.

Yoga improves sleep

In one study, people that were suffering with insomnia from having chemotherapy found that doing yoga improved the quality of their sleep.

Busy minds don’t have time to worry

Because you will be busy focusing on your whole self during class, and making sure that you are mindful of your breathing, and taking care of the way you do your movements, you won’t have time to worry.

Yoga activates neurotransmitters associated with a reduction in depression

Some amino acids in the body, such as gamma-aminobutyric, have been shown to increase after even a single yoga session, resulting in a calmer sense of peace with the world.

Open, confident stances produce increased leadership behaviour

A Harvard study found that people who practiced certain open, confident poses, felt more able and confident in their daily life. During class I will guide you into these open confident poses and you can continue to practice them at home if you wish.

Yoga releases positive hormones

Although the movement aspect of yoga releases the same positive hormones that are associated with ‘runners high’, specific yoga stretches and some bends also have been shown to send a rush of positive hormones over the sections of the brain associated with depression.

Breathing increases oxygen uptake in the brain

In class we will talk about noticing your breathing. The result is that your total blood oxygen saturation increases and your brain is able to think more clearly and you’ll feel more alert and alive.

Movement begets movement

Exercise can feel impossible if you’re feeling depressed. The simple movements that are used in class don’t seem like exercise (especially not the sort that you would find at a gym ‘power yoga’ class). You can begin to integrate these few movements into your day and work out of that heavy unmoving feeling.

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